EightySixd Powerstroke Turbo Upgrades

EightySixd Engines Limited Warranty

What is Covered Under This Warranty?

This limited warranty covers the failure of this remanufactured long block, (engine), due to defects in materials or workmanship on the part of the remanufacturer for a period of time based on the usage and application listed below. Your warranty begins on the original purchase date and does not renew if replaced during the warranty period. You must have truck miles, and date of install with receipts in order for warranty to be valid.

What is NOT Covered Under This Warranty?

This warranty does not cover damage or loss due to the following:

• Damage caused by installation or related vehicle problems is not covered, as well as installation in a vehicle for which it was not designed or purchased for.
• Misuse, maintenance neglect, abuse, vandalism, abnormal operation, environmental conditions, or accidents. Internal modification with aftermarket performance parts
• Overheating of this engine voids any warranty for labor or replacement. All vehicles are equipped with warning devices (gauges and lights), please be sure they are operational.
• Damage caused by lack of lubricants or fluids that lead to engine failure will void the warranty. You are asked to maintain your vehicle at regular intervals and be able to provide us with those service records. Fuel washing, or any other dilution of the engine lubricant can void warranty. Damage from electrolysis or where periodic maintenance services required by the manufacturer have not been performed can also void warranty.
• Failure caused by components or parts not furnished by the remanufacturer.
• Damage to the engine caused by over fueling, melted pistons do to high EGT’s, over boosting.
• Damage caused to engine thrust bearing from defective torque converters, clutch assemblies, engine or transmission mounts.
• All proper oil ventilation components must be installed to OEM specs, or EightySixd aftermarket components.
• Any repairs not authorized or approved by the remanufacturer will void the warranty. Engines removed without approval will be subject to core credit only.

How Long Does the Coverage Last?

Your warranty begins on the original date of purchase. The length of the term is based on usage and application as listed below. Your warranty DOES NOT renew if the engine is replaced during the warranty period.

• Performance Engines are warranted for 12 months.
• Commercial Vehicles (vehicles used in a business) and 1 Ton vehicles are warranted for 12 months.
• Diesel Engines are warranted for 24 months / 24,000 miles against defects in materials or workmanship.
• Farm Use, Industrial, Heavy Duty, are also warranted for 6 months.
• Cataloged Marine Engines are warranted for 12 months. Only Marine engines can be used in Marine applications.
• This warranty excludes motor homes and emergency vehicles (ambulance, fire trucks, police vehicles).

Who Gets the Benefits of this Warranty?

This warranty is extended only to the original purchaser and cannot be transferred to anyone at any time. Engines purchased by the installer are warranted to the installer only. You must be able to provide a register receipt in your name for any warranty consideration. Without this receipt, no warranty will be offered.

What Will the Remanufacturer Do?

If this engine should fail due to a defect in materials or workmanship on their part, the remanufacturer will, at their discretion, either replace the engine, or supply parts necessary to make the repairs. Only those parts furnished by the remanufacturer will be replaced or repaired. Any refund on this engine must be approved by EightySixd Industries. NO REFUNDS WILL BE APPROVED AFTER 90 DAYS. After the initial 90-day period, the warranty covers replacement or repairs only. Refunds after that time period will be limited to core value only. In order to qualify for labor reimbursement, a licensed, "tax-exempt" garage or repair facility must originally install the engine. Engines installed by individuals or non-licensed garages will be considered "self-installed" and paid at a lower rate. For garage installed engines only, if approved, the remanufacturer will authorize labor to be paid at the "Warranty Rate" of $30.00 per hour, "Mitchell Flat Rate Time" with a maximum payment amount of $500.00 per claim. Repairs that do not correct the problem will not be reimbursed. For "self-installed" engines, the rate will be $20.00 per hour "flat rate", with a maximum of $250.00. Claims will be approved only after the examination of the returned part or parts. The decision of the manufacturer will be final. An engine will only be replaced one time. If the second engine should fail during the warranty period, it must be returned to the store where you will receive core credit only. At that time, it will be shipped, at our expense, to the remanufacturer for a failure analysis. If a factory defect is found, the engine will be replaced and labor approved. If not, then you can have the engine returned at your expense.

What Must I Do to Protect My Warranty?

You must pay all outstanding invoices for the purchase of the engine. No benefits, payments, repairs, replacements, or remedies are available under the warranty while any invoices for the purchase of the engine remain outstanding. Immediately after discovery of any problem, and prior to the expiration of the warranty period, you must follow the procedures listed below. Failure to do so will void your warranty!

• Discontinue use of the vehicle if necessary and BEFORE the engine overheats!
• Contact YOUR INSTALLER and ask him to diagnose the problem. If he determines that the problem may be factory related then contact EightySixd Industries. EightySixd Industries will administer the warranty. The Warranty Department operates from 9:00 am to 6:00pm Mountain Time, Monday through Friday with the exception of holidays.
• Please have your purchase information available at the time of the call. This will be necessary to process your claim.
• At the time of your call, we will connect you with the technical expert to assist you and your mechanic in getting the problem resolved quickly. Your mechanic may be asked to conduct a test to determine the exact problem thereby simplifying the repair process. The cost of this test will be at your expense until the problem is determined to be factory related.
• If repairs are approved, all removed parts must be retained and returned for shipment to the manufacturer. No claims can be paid or replacement parts supplied unless these parts are returned.
• If you are missing any parts when the engine is delivered, please contact us immediately so we can provide them for you.

Limit on Remedies

The warranty does not cover or provide payment or reimbursement for the following or any other incidental or consequential loss or damage.

• Initial start up: Due to various component designs, cylinder head re-torque may or may not be required in your particular application. Refer to factory shop manual for the proper procedure for your engine type.
• Replacement of any fluids or other substances, tune-ups or replacement of belts, hoses or maintenance items, towing charges, vehicle rental, substitute transportation, lodging, or communication expenses.
• Diagnostic time, service calls, or labor (except as set forth above).
• Loss of time, income, sales or profits, loss of use of the vehicle, lift, dock, or storage fees.
• Gaskets or other parts or items associated with, but not included with the engine.
• Any action for bringing suit must be commenced within 12 months following the time the breach is discovered or should have been discovered.

How Long Does State Law Relate to this Warranty

This warranty gives you specific rights and you may have other rights, which vary from state to state. Neither EightySixd Industries nor the remanufacturer make any other warranty beyond that provided in this limited warranty. It supersedes all prior agreements or representations whether oral or written. Neither EightySixd Industries nor the remanufacturer authorizes any person to vary in any way, the terms, conditions, or exclusions of this warranty. Should any disclaimer or remedy limit in this warranty be declared or become invalid or unenforceable because of any laws, the remaining terms and conditions shall remain in full force and effect.