EightySixd Powerstroke Turbo Upgrades

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Ford 6.0L 64mm Turbo Upgrades

Ford Powerstroke 6.0L 64mm Turbo Upgrade

Stage 1 - 64mm Cast Wheel 6x6 Blade

EightySixd Industries has come up with a great bolt on turbo upgrade that not only keeps a budget in mind, but focuses on performance. Take your stock 6.0L Ford turbo and bolt on this 64mm cast wheel kit. Comes with the ported shroud compressor housing, backing plate and a cast 64mm wheel. This do-it-yourself kit is easy to install and the gains in the mid and top end are great. Custom tunes or FICM flash can greatly improve throttle response.

Stage 1.5 - 64mm Billet Wheel 6x6 Blade Extended Tip

Stage 1.5 - 64mm Billet Wheel 11 Blade Extended Tip

Add even more performance and gains on top of the Stage 1 kit by upgrading to the 64mm Billet Wheel for better spool up, more HP, and lower EGT's over our Stage 1 kit. This kit gives the performance gains of $1500 turbos for a fraction of the cost. Custom tunes or FICM tune will greatly improve throttle response.
Choose the 11 Blade for better drivability on the bottom end and better for pulling trailers.
Choose the 6x6 Blade for higher boost levels and help cool EGT's at higher rpms.